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Bring Out Their Best

You need every executive to reach their true potential. The Red Chair provides effective, nuanced coaching, designed to ensure each candidate contributes to their full ability. 



Interim HR Management

During times of growth or transition, get the best of both worlds; Sr level HR support, without the cost of a full time resource.



Full Service Experts

· Total Rewards   · Talent Acquisition   · Leadership Development   · Performance Management   · Organizational Development   · Learning & Development   · Change Management


Building the ‘Best Employer’ Experience In Canada & Delivering Results at Private Equity Speed

At the Red Chair Consulting, we have experience in helping employers achieve the ‘#1 Best Employer in Canada’ and ‘Best Managed Company’ status and then applying that knowledge to private equity owned companies demanding practical and quick results.

We have built several HR departments from the scratch, integrated multiple companies into one, as well as completed several turnarounds, so we know which HR levers are the most effective to drive EBITDA in your business from real life experience.    

Let us provide the same practical application and real results to your business.

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Missing a Key HR professional?

  • We offer virtual HR services to companies that may not have an HR dept. from a day a month to 4 days a week. We provide HR coaching to your management team or grow your internal HR expertise and we can fill in for leaves, absences or vacancies and even hire a quality replacement.

Got an Employee Performance Issue or question?

  • Get tough terminations/layoffs done smoothly or create new policies and ensure legal compliance (i.e. Employment Standard Act, Occupational Health & Safety Act and new legislation such as; bill 168 and AODA).

Is your Compensation motivating to your employees?

  •  We design and implement incentive plans, Pay Equity compliance and conduct a Benefits analyst.

Do you have the right people?

  •  Conduct an assessment of your new hires and create an efficient recruiting/selecting program including foreign recruiting.

Are your Leaders better than your competitors?

  • Find out through assessments, coaching and succession planning.

Getting the highest performance of your people?

  • We provide retention strategies to stem turnover and implement robust Performance Management systems to drive results.

Do you have the right Organizational Structure?

  • Test for the ideal organizational design, Job descriptions, competency development for your company and the best metrics to measure effectiveness and engagement.

Looking to implement a Change?

  • Then get a good Change Management and communication plan (as well as employee opinion surveys) to ensure you will drive a new culture and sustain your change. 

Do you have a HR Strategic Plan?

  • We develop mission/values, offsite facilitation, M&A’s, post deal integrations, and even create a whole new HR dept. and strategy

 Looking for some unique, hard to find HR experience?

  •  Managing USA divisions
  • Board & Committee work
  • Supporting Private Equity owned companies
  •  Not-For-Profits


Why not start with an HR Audit to determine where the most impact on EBITDA can be achieved

Chris’s Blog

    Monty Python Leadership Lessons

    pythonWe were setting up the classic “jumping bridal party” photo and I said, “When I count to three, everyone jump.”
    “Wait,” someone said. “Do we actually jump on three, or is it one-two-three and then we jump, like on four?”
    “Jump on three,” I decided. As they moved into position I offhandedly said, “Three shall be the number thou shall count…” and almost everyone laughed.
    Recognizable quotes can be extremely handy. One, they’re like a verbal shorthand that explains in one or two sentences what normally takes much longer. Two, an appropriate reference can instantly create common ground with others. And if nothing else, muttering a line under your breath can be a great way to let off a little steam or gain a little perspective when you’re frustrated or upset. Here are more quotes you can use in a variety of professional situations courtesy of those seminal business thinkers, the Pythons: “What have the Romans ever done for us?”